Sandwiches / Salads



For a fancy treat, try the best Caviar ‘Oscietra Royal’ 30 grams with its garnish €75.00


Classic Club Sandwich with ham, cheese and boiled egg €8.00

Tuna salad on Cristal bread (with melted cheese + €1) €8.00

Pork belly marinated Vietnamese style and a spicy veggie salad on Cristal bread €8.50

Chicken, pickled coleslaw, BBQ sauce and sriracha mayo on Cristal bread €8.50

Prawns, crispy Serrano ham, fresh mango and spicy sauce on Cristal bread €9.00

Beef filet marinated with lemongrass and Holy basil, served with fresh mango and baby spinach on cristal bread €9.00


Caesar salad with the right ingredients : chicken, soft boiled egg, parmesan cheese,
our creamy salad dressing with anchovies, pan fried baby romaine lettuce and croutons. €12.50

Delicious lobster salad with tomatoes, artichokes, basil mayonnaise and Cristal bread €21.50

Yum woon Sen with prawns and calamari : Thai style glass noodle salad with fresh mint, lime, coriander and chillies €10.50

‘Sea of love’ : coconut bowl with spicy tuna sashimi, seaweeds and coconut rice €15.00

Taste the freshness of the summer with our quinoa, watermelon and avocado salad. ( V ) €10.50

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Thai seasoned gazpacho. A perfect summer soup to cool down. ( V )  €8,50

Albondigas of beef in fresh tomato sauce (served with cristal bread) €9.00

Jamon Iberico. Hand carved slices of the best Spanish ham served with Cristal bread.  €18.00

Cured Manchego cheese (served with cristal bread) ( V ) €15.00

Mexican style nachos with guacamole, spicy tomato sauce, melted cheddar cheese and red onion ( V ) €9.50

KFCC Kentucky Fried Cabana Chicken
Deep fried crispy chicken served with an Asian coleslaw and spicy sauceKFCC Kentucky Fried Cabana Chicken €11.00

Ceviche of mackerel, sliced avocado and popcorn of quinoa. €11.50

Our popular and tasty falafel balls, served with hummus ( V ) €10.50

Marinated chicken on sticks with Indonesian style peanut sauce €10.50

Crispy prawns with our famous tartare sauce €11.50

Mussels marinated with lots of Thai herbs and coconut milk €10.50

Sashimi of watermelon with sesame and extra virgin olive oil. ( V ) €7.00

Our famous marinated pork ribs served in bbq sauce €11.50

Deep fried spring rolls filled with Iberico ham and served with a Vietnamese style dressing €10.50

Home made crab cakes served with a spicy mango dipp €14.00

Soft shell crab Tempura with wasabi mayonaise €9.50

Laab Gai, chicken mixed with Thai herbs such as mint, lime, and coriander, served in lettuce cups.   €9,50

Japanese style eggplant coated with miso ( V )  €9,50

Lebanese foursome:
4 tasty spreads with homemade pita bread : Babaganoush, falafel, hummus and green peas with mint. ( V ) €11.50

Tataki of fresh tuna, wasabi mayo and soy sauce €12.50

A combination of anchovies, eggplant and smoked Mediterranean paprika.
It will surprise your senses and you will love the flavours. ( V ) €9.50

The best of Spain in 1 dish : flavored calamari, chorizo, artichokes and Cristal bread A combination full of taste. €15.50

Calamari ‘a la plancha’ with garlic and lemon-mayo €15.50

Mini Wagyu beef burger (1 piece), served with a bbq sauce €9.00

Slow cooked pork belly in oriental spices served with a spicy salad €9.00

Homemade pita bread served with a spread of green peas and mint. A fresh and tasty dish. ( V ) €7.00

Carpaccio of beef, thai style served with peanuts and marinated with lime and fresh herbs like mint and coriander €14.00

Fresh veggies ‘a la plancha’ ( V )  €9,50

Hand cut ‘Patatas bravas’ with our home made bbq and garlic sauces ( V )  €8.00

Hand cut fries with mayo and ketchup ( V )  €6.00

Bread with ‘alioli’ and sun kissed tomato ( V )  €3,50

Home marinated olives ( V ) €3.00

Main Courses


Thai yellow curry with chicken and jasmin rice. €16.00

Thai red curry with seafood and mirin. €18.00

Thai green curry with lots of fresh veggies ( V ). €14.00

A real Italian pasta with tomato and Mediterranean herbs ( V ) (with beef meatballs + €4) €13.00

Tagliatelle ‘La Cabana’ with chicken and prawns €18.00

Juicy entrecote, cold tapenade of soft paprika and tomato, rocket salad and our French fries €22.00

Steamed monkfish in a banana leaf flavoured with curcuma and Thai basil. Soul food at his best. €19.00


DESSERTS - All our desserts are home made.

Lemon pie served with ginger and lime sorbet €6.00

Fresh mango topped with green tea matcha ice cream: You will love the taste €6.50

Chocolate flan with crumble, olive oil and sea salt flakes €7.00

Cheese cake €6.50

Artisan ice cream. Different flavours available. Please check with your waiter. €5.00

Strawberries with basil sorbet. €6.50


We welcome our new young and talented chef Dimitri Proost from Antwerp to Bar La Cabana. He worked in Michelin stars kitchens from Hakkasan (London) and Yamazoto (Amsterdam) and had his own restaurant in Antwerp Dim Dining. He travelled a lot to Tokyo to get inspired by the traditional Japanese kitchen from street food to Michelin stars restaurants. You will recognise his signature in our new summer menu and will love his flavours and magic mixes of Spanish, western and oriental styles of food.


Chef Dimitri Proost

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